Beautiful views, hills and… sheep

Today I am going to tell you about a place I visited back in 2012, which is even until now one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.

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What do I recommend in the capital of Denmark?

It has been almost a year since I visited Copenhagen and so I decided to tell you something more about my couple of rainy days walking around town.

What do I recommend in the capital of Denmark?

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[1] Linguist’s rant – una pena que me duele

I haven’t written, but since my final year at university started I wanted to focus on that for a bit.

I like studying and I really like my university… but (there’s always this but!) there is one thing that really bugs me.

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how I ended up in Sweden… for a couple of hours

Last year in October I visited the capital of H. C. Andersen country. Copenhagen welcomed me with rain, but that didn’t put me off.

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5 things to experience in Brussels during a weekend – subjective list

A couple of months ago I visited the capital of European Union during winter, spoke a bit of French and learnt quite a few things. It’s a city definitely worth seeing, but choose your landmarks wisely.

Here goes my list!

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Whishlist #1: London

As you will all see London is my biggest dream. And by that I don’t mean visiting it, which I’ve done many times and more, but living there.

You might think it’s a bit stupid, London in expensive and it’s loud, and there are so many people, and it’s not easy, and so on.

Well, you are right. I might be idealising it, but when I’m there, it just feels like the right place.

So, what is it in London that I really like?

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The top of the mountain.


Montserrat is a pretty place. It’s kind of isolated – there are no high mountains in its surroundings, the Pyrenees are more to the north, the only ‘neighbours’ are small towns and villages. When you arrive at Monistrol de Montserrat the first thing that hits you is… basically how big the mountain is. Then, you get on the train which takes you up to the monastery.

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Walking around Barrio Gótico

Barrio Gótico is probably one of the most popular districts in Barcelona. Because of its many bars, restaurants and little shops there are many people wandering around. What you can find here is the charm of the city – little independent shops, great tapas bars and restaurants with amazing interiors (just like the one below), small squares with lots of cafés and bigger squares with fountains – like Plaça Reial.

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